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Collator 2011 Vince Lo
Collator typeface by Vince Lo

Design Details

Collator typeface by Vince Lo

Glyph Sheet

Collator typeface by Vince Lo


Collator typeface by Vince Lo

Collator typeface by Vince Lo

Collator typeface by Vince Lo

Collator typeface by Vince Lo

Collator typeface by Vince Lo

Differences between the traditions of Chinese type design and latin letter-forms have commonly posed as a challenge for bilingual design work. Some of the main issues are found in their differences of height and width while also contrasting in character weight/density. These issues initiated the research and creation of Collator.

Collator is a typeface designed to achieve greater harmony between Chinese characters and Latin letterforms when set together. Drawing inspiration from the two traditions of type design, Collator aims to be a contemporary, balanced expression of both Western and Asian cultures.

Vince Lo


Vince Lo is a communication designer currently working and living in Vancouver Canada, where he recently graduated from Emily Carr University of Art + Design with a Bachelor of Design.

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Vancouver, Canada

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